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in this half. >> tim: you just wonder when, in a scramble situation, what guard might pick up a fifth foul. ware is rejected by cauley-stein. >> clark: get back into play if you're cauley-stein, you don't want to take yourself out of the play by diving unnecessarily. >> tim: shot clock at 10. smith. >> clark: i thought siva may have committed a foul before we went to the last time out. big-boy basketball. >> greg: they're going to let the players determine the outcome. good decision here. coming back, we'll see two ball handlers now, two decision makers and playmakers for louisville with seven on the clock. >> tim: only seven where the scouting report comes into play and the length and the 7'4" wingspan of nerlens noel to go with it. no time off the clock -- the shot clock. still seven to shoot. behanan. nice pass. dieng. count the basket. goaltending on noel. >> greg: the poise and the patience by behanan and the find. great recognition by louisville, end of game, end of clock situations. that's how you develop chemistry and trust on the floor that your teammate is going to make the right
as well when you have had such an extended drought. >> tim: if you didn't think kansas was one of the elite teams this year. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] goodyear. for drivers like these who demand the most from their tires. and everything we've learned making these tires inspires what we roll into yours. goodyear. more driven. we're at walmart with the simmons family. how much is your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart, you get unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month per phone. would we get the same coverage? same coverage on america's best networks. you saved $146.76 by switching to straight talk. awesome! now you can afford to share your allowance with me. get the season's hottest smartphones like the samsung galaxy s2 and get straight talk with unlimited data for just $45 a month -- from america's gift headquarters. walmart. ♪ ♪ >> tim: tonight on cbs begins with back-to-back new episodes of "made in jersey" followed by "48 hours" to
when you have had such an extended drought. >> tim: if you didn't think kansas was one of the elite teams this year. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] goodyear. for drivers like these who demand the most from their tires. and everything we've learned making these tires inspires what we roll into yours. goodyear. more driven. how much is your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart, you get unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month per phone. would we get the same coverage? same coverage on america's best networks. you saved $146.76 by switching to straight talk. awesome! now you can afford to share your allowance with me. get the season's hottest smartphones like the samsung galaxy s2 and get straight talk with unlimited data for just $45 a month -- from america's gift headquarters. walmart. ♪ >> tim: tonight on cbs begins with back-to-back new episodes of "made in jersey" followed by "48 hours" tonight, only cbs. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service
appointing our next u.s. senator to be congressman, tim scott. [applause] many people have asked what went into this decision process, and it was pretty simple. he understands the strength that we need to have in our business community as we continue to focus on jobs. he has shown that with his support of the ports and knowing that the deepening needs to be there. he is sewn couraged when he helped us with the fight against the national relations board and the unions that tried to take boeing down. he has shown it with his fiscal representation and the fact that he knows the value of a dollar. he understands what every family and small business goes through, and he has stayed consistent to that. it also shows you the fact that this man loves south carolina, and he is very aware that what he does and every vote he makes affects south carolina and affects our country. so it was with that that i knew that he was the right person. i have no doubt that he will fly now 2014. i am strongly convinced that i and the entire state understands that this is the right u.s. senator for our state and for
to you our senate- elect tim scott. >> thank you. \[applause] >> thank you. thank y'all very much. before we get started, i was thinking that this is a great day of celebration in many, many ways. but our nation still mourns. and i wanted to take a moment of silence for newtown, connecticut. if you'd join me, please. \[moment of silence] >> thank you. i will tell you that this is an exciting day for many, many reasons, but for me, the first thing i wanted to say is just thank you to my lord and savior, jesus christ, to be honest with you. \[applause] i believe that when you start out in a single-parent household with a mom who works 16 hours a day and you're looking at a future that doesn't look as bright and you're living in north charleston, south carolina, you build a strength that comes from ching the appreciation and understanding that is not about you, it's about your faith, it's about your family. and i love my mother, who's here with me, frances scott, and i'm very thankful to the good lord and to a strong mom who believes that sometimes love has to come at the end of a switch, an
and surf on your iphone 5. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tim: welcome to "the jeep post-game show," tim brando in new york. navy wins the commander-in-chief's trophy. for the second straight week sad news in the nfl dallas nose tackle josh brent charged with intoxication manslaughter after driving a car in a single-vehicle accident early this morning which killed the lone passenger cowboys teammate jerry brown, a member of the practice squad. irving, texas police spokesman had this to say early today. >> mr. price brent was asked to perform some field sobriety tests. after he performed those field sobriety tests based on his performance of those tests along with our officers' observations and the conversations that they had with him, he was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. once our officers learned that mr. brown had passed away then mr. price brent was under arrest for intoxication manslaughter. >> tim: brent and brown were teammates at the university of illinois. brent was suspended from the illini team in 2009 after a d.u.i. arrest. he was sentence
to reports, the washington post may be closer to charging customers to read artcles online. tim mulholland of china-america capital joins us on this jobs friday. tim, we are being told there could be a murky jobs number because of hurricane sandy. what do you think about that? > > i think the market will dismiss a weaker-than-expected number because of hurricane sandy and the distortions that it has and look more toward next month, or january's report, that we will get. so, i think they will let it slide. but it should be weaker than expected. i think that is expected by the market, so it shouldn't be a surprise. > goldman sachs has a call out that we will see a renaissance in commodities. are you bullish on any particular commodities here? > > i am bullish on the agriculturals, for reasons of which the supply and also the growing drought that we had this past year, the continued conditions that make for dry growing season next year as well. so i think from a supply/demand standpoint, yes, i think agricultural. the other thing i like, commodities in general, is when the fed's buying $85 mi
are not just going to go over the fiscal cliff? we heard tim geithner on this program yesterday when steve asked him, look f you don't get what you want, do we go over the fiscal cliff? he said absolutely. >> he said he would do it! >> what happens when we wake up january nd, we go over the cliff, and the world doesn't end? >> that is so irresponsible. >> you have to be a long-term investor. long-term stocks have outperformed bonds. >> with all do respect, george, are you one of those come play september investors larry is referring to? >> i'd say we're opposite of that. we never take anything for granted, but we bet accordingac. bonds are trouble. a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money in bonds. you have to be prepared for that. interest rates are going to go up. dividends are going to continue to increase. the economy in this country is strong. it's going to get stronger. >> even at 44% dividend tax? >> it's not going to go that high. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff, it does go that high. it goes to 44%. >> no, no. don't think the worst. >> less than a month, it goes there. >
] - ron! - there we go. - hey! [thumping] help. >>> tonight on "rock center," apple's new leader tim cook gives his first television interview since the death of steve jobs. tonight, he talks about the final gift from the founder. he responds to apple's critics, why can't you be a made in america company? and hints about what may be the next big thing. >> we're living the jetsons with this. when you turn on the tv -- >> television is still television. >>> also tonight, the conversation every family should have, the decision faced by every family. so why do so many get it wrong and regret it? harry smith gives us a very intimate look inside one place where they're trying to change that. >> give me as much time as i can get. but keep me comfortable. >>> also tonight, ann curry travels to new zealand to visit film director peter jackson. can his hotly anticipated new movie "the hobbit" possibly live up to "the lord of the rings"? >> one of my favorite characters. >> ann goes inside his magical world. >> now we're really in trouble. >> yeah, where are we looking? oh, dear. >> that and more to
that be the target of tim cook and apple? liz: this is a huge crane maker and a food company have a great year, the stock up 70% thanks in part to having his hands in the cranes and food services part. he is going to be joining us exclusively this hour. here's why you have listened to him. is he keeping up pace in the new year and what part of his business is doing better. david: we have a very busy hour coming up, but what drove the market with the "data download." stocks pushing higher today at hopes they're moving higher to a debt deal. all three major indices posting gains with the dow and the nasdaq with a three session winning streak or adding onto that three session winning streak. financials and consumer discretionary for the top performing sectors while consumer staples like. falling for the lowest prices in five months have yet to spur demand. prices are down nearly 7% so far this month following the u.s. department of agriculture decision to cut the greens demand forecast. fact activity in new york state declining for the fifth month in a row in december as new orders dropped in the
. with greg mcelroy suffering from concussionlike symptoms you think it would be tim tebow time? you would be wrong. mark sanchez gets the nod once again because tebow has reported been at odds with rex ryan after expressing displeasure in his role. >> i all right, first off, you're not going to believe this one i'm going to start mark sanchez and the reason i'm starting mark is, we have two practices and one walk through to get ready for buffalo, mark has success earlier in the season against buffalo, he's very fame lar with him. i had the conversation with both mark and tim a few minutes ago about what i was going to do. obviously, you know, tim is not happy with that. >> i understand and you know, i told coach i understand. you're a competitor. you want to play. understood is the decision. just let him know. >> like the fiscal cliff negotiations with the jets right there. sanchez had his best game of the season in week one against the bills. he threw for three touchdowns. the jets won back then. >>> to the nba, where the nets gave avery johnson his walking papers yesterday. they fired h
earlier in the season. >> and tim too is not -- tim tebow is not too happy about. of course not. and rural mcelroy thrown under the bus in a dramatic fashion. sticking let tim tebow, the guy for whom the jets traded a fourth round pick and paid $4 million this season -- never started a game. >> should i ask you about the theory about them using tebow as a scapegoat? or are you not allowed to comment? >> there are a lot of things going on with the jets'. a lot of people better there will be gone. >> so, it does not matter? we will be back. >> here is a look at what we're working on for you for 11 years tonight's. how officials at the port of baltimore are preparing in case negotiations fail before a deadline saturday. and how you could get your hands on ravens playoff tickets. the stories a >> so, what is your favorite car -- what is your favorite color? [laughter] >> blue, by the way. light blue. there you go. >> really? >> we did not leave you lots of time. let's look to the seven-day forecast. quiet day tomorrow. typical winter day. the storm coming on saturday will not be a blockbuster
. they are rebounding after their big sell-off of earlier this week. the ceo, tim cook, speaking exclusively with nbc news' brian williams. strength in america? maybe manufacturing here. apple tv living in the legacy of steve jobs. we're going to take a very close look on what is next for america's favorite gadgetmaker. >>> speaking of gadgets, rivalry research in motion, offering training programs and promotions for its upcoming blackberry 10. it's targeted corporations. bold move or maybe a desperate one? >>> any move might be welcome down here. democrats want tax hikes on the rich. republicans want entitlement cuts. we've heard this before, haven't we? what do average americans want to see in a fiscal cliff solution. we've got the exclusive results of our exclusive cnbc all-america economic survey. >>> now to everybody's all-american, sue herera standing by at the nyse. >> you're sweet, ty. thanks. >>> we're a little bit on the downside. we really kind of retraced a little bit on the dow jones industrial average. previous to this we were solidly in the green in all three of the major market indice
in the making. we had very strong gains, paraly in technology and the small caps, each seeing 2% gains, tim. >> and china had a fantastic pmi number which said their manufacturing activity hasn't been this strong for 16 months. china is the second-largest economy in the world. and definitely not a fiscal cliff there. but today's activity i thought was amazing when you consider there's still so much left undone and as john just said, everything he said was tax, tax, tax. >> amazing like a head scratcher? >> yeah. i get the fact we had five straight down days and we were oversold. i don't think you get a solution that rallies this market 2% tomorrow, even if it's everything everybody wanted to hear. >> right, the fact of the matter is, they may agree on taxes but taxes across the board pretty much are going higher and there's still the debt limit issue and then the spending cuts issue. >> that's the thing. you nailed it. the debt ceiling conversation is going to be a weapon of force and it's something that's going to be hanging over this market. i heard nothing about entitlements. a house tha
bilton is here with what to expect in consumer technology. and then media visionary tim o'reilly, he looks into his crystal ball that is filled with new data and systems that will change the way we do business. then finally you heard of the $100,000 laptop. then now the $20 laptop. rob nail joins us with a tool that might revolutionize education the way we know it. first we go with nick bilton with what to expect in 2013. thanks for coming back on the show. >> thank you so much. >> gavin: here we are 2013. >> 2013 all right? >> gavin: life moves on and nothing we can do about it unless technology figures that out. what are the biggest trends that are going to define this remarkable year 2013. >> i think we'll finally get chips in our head, and we will not have to speak to people. we'll just communicate. you and i will do an interview just like that. >> gavin: the year of the google glasses. >> yes. you will start to see those next year. they're going to be released in the developer version next year. there will an couple of thousand of them out in the wild in the beginning of january
its home right here in baltimore. tim williams has more on the residence campus of americore and the undertakings o. group. >> reporter: a beginning of a new chapter. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: and with that the the mericore has a new home in southeast baltimore in the former education building of the sacred heart. >> it will house those young men and women who want to devote their life to service. >> reporter: it is a full-time residential national program in which young adults from 18 to 24 years old serve 10 month terms. they address national disaster, the environment, conservation as well as urban and rural development. they get credit and vouchers toward paying down educational debt. >> i was looking for a chance to have adventure. >> i traveled through 21 states, serving in 12, assisted on four disaster calls from tornado, fire, flood and hurricane. >> this new center will house more than 240 volunteers. >> 460 members have given more than 90,000 hours of service since 2009 and that 90 thousands hours spent making baltimore better saf
secretary tim geithner says the president is ready for what he calls difficult concessions. mr. boehner says he was flabbergasted at the white house stance on what they say needs to be done. peter doocy has details this morning on the latest developments from washington. good morning, peter. >> good morning, eric. spieger boehner said negotiations are nowhere, period and he called treasury secretary tim geithner's presentation of the white house proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff earlier in week "nonserious." >> i was flabbergasted. i lookedded a him like you can't be serious. i've just never seen anything like it. you know we have seven weeks between election day and the end of the year. three of those weeks have been wasted with this nonsense. >> reporter: here is what has the speaker flabbergasted. the white house would like to raise tax rates on top earners to where they were in the clinton administration, 39.6%. they would also like to raise $1.6 trillion with new taxes over the next decade, while cutting about $400 billion through entitlement reform. although, those cuts are not specif
cross watch. >> a cnbc exclusive, tim geithner says over the cliff is a must. >> bank of england and ecb keeps rates unchanged. europe continues to hang in there economically. >> and nat gas gets a boost. the government finds exporting it is better than keeping it here at home. >> apple as we mentioned in the spotlight today, shares of the tech giant coming off their worst day in four years, sliding back into bear market territory. the one day loss erased nearly $35 billion in market cap. that chunk is bigger than 400 other s&p 500 companies. apple ceo tim cook talked to nbc's brian williams in our rock center exclusive. >> why can't you be a made in america company? >> you know, this i found, as a matter of fact, the engine in here is made in america. and not only are the engines in here made in america, but engines are made in america and are exported. the glass on this phone is made in kentucky. so we have been working for years on doing more and more in the united states, next year, we will do one of our existing mac lines in the united states. >> you can see the entire interview wit
, and the only black senator currently serving. tim scott will be the seventh black senator in the nation's history and on three occasions have african-americaning been elected to the upper chamber. only one time has a blaek senator been both elected and re-elected. the governor is aware and she sounded self-conscious about the governor reerting an eastern american. >> it is very important to me as a minority female that congressman scott earned this seat. he earned this seat for the person that he is. he earned this seat for the results that he has shown. he earned this seat for what i know he's going to do in making south carolina and making our country proud. >> right now i want to bring in atlanta's democratic mayor, founder and president of the center for social inclusion a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting social and economic inequality. and kevin alexander grey. a attorney from south carolina and great to have you here. >> i wish i were an attorney. >> so, tell me this. what was your reaction on that nikki haley clip? >> what is going on in this? what is the subtext of t
being. >> tim, you're looking at the financials. >> i think the financials as a sector have the most room to run on the eps fourth quarter story, all the sectors where we've seen earnings contraction, financials are going higher. bank of america, it's simply an improved balance sheet. these guys are getting better, so, all of the expectations that they might have to come to market, i think, are falling off the table. more importantly, i think they're getting back to their real earnings growth potential. when you see some of the delinquent mortgages start to fall off, this is a place where people talk abnormalized earnings. but this is not expensive. after a move at .8 times tangible book, price to tangible book, this is a stock that's trading 40% cheap to where it was in 2010 and 2011, so, it's had a big move. it's not expensive. it runs into resistant right around here at 1060. but then you get through here and you run up to 1250. >> it has been overbought, as tim said, so, the pull-back is not a huge pull-back. it comes down 1020 in the stock. that's a big move considering what it'
to 1791. more than 125 years later, south carolina republican congressman tim scott could be just the second in the 220-year history of the senate. there have only been a handful of black senators. roland burris, barack obama, senator braun, and senator bronze. politico says this about tim scott, it's scott's ability to articulate among the poor that put him ahead of the pact. he grew up in poverty and was raised by a single mother. on morning joe it was said this about his republican colleague. >> i like tim scott because he's a good guy. he doesn't say crazy things. he doesn't attack people with nasty labels. so he's a good guy. keep in mind, however, that -- and i think this is a mistake that the republican party has made. they assume that if they reach out to african-americans, meaning running radio spots on black radio, that's reaching out. that's not. there are policy changes that are going to take place and tim scott is going to have the policies that demint had. >> joining me now is melissa harris perry which airs on msnbc. melissa, good to see you. could he be transformat
-provoking line up for pup we begin with the amazing success of "the 4-hour chef." tim ferriss out with his latest installation of "the 4-hour chef." it's getting rave reviews but not for the reasons you might expect. tim ferriss is here to tell i couldn't in just one moment. you'll also hear from the legendary peter guber. he manageed to tap into the mainstream with enormously successful movies. and then slightly different perspective taking on issue of creating successful jobs in america. will will join us to talk about the--ro khannawill talk talk about how to make the united states a success again. >>> tim ferriss. you're a passionate cook. you're fabulous at well, putting olive oil in the freezer and microwaving plastic. what the heck, why should we be listening to you? >> that's a great question. that's the question that a lot of people ask. the book is about accelerateed learning. my readers have been asking me for a book like the "4-power mind" instead of the "the 4-hour body." i was looking at how to bring the techniques and then show the skill let that conquered me before. the one that i
the nomination of the g.o.p.'s first black senator since the 70s, desperate and referring to tim scott as a token. mia love joinsous that and then... >> caught on cam remarks have you seen the violence in michigan between pro-union protesters and right-to-workers. and new evidence that shows how crazy it's gotten. breaking news in the fiscal cliff crisis. speaker barron killing the vote on his plan "b." look. >> so here we are, ladies and gentlemen... in what appears to many to be dark days. the president is determined to leap off the cliff. >> what the american people are watching right here, right now is the tragic comedy because the other side knows quite well that even if this legislation passes the house today, it is going nowhere. >> president obama and if senate democrats haven't done much of anything. >> this is not a plan -- it's a ploy. >> people are not blaming obama for any of this mess yet. >> two republicans take up our bill in the house, the one that passed here, there is nothing to discuss. we are not taking up any of the things they are working on. >> this idea of passing plan "b
tiny tim. in one year, this cat lost 20% of his body weight. we'll tell you his secrets and how they can help trim down your body in 2013. that's still ahead. >> he's an inspiration to all of us. >>> we're going to start this morning with insult to injury. round two of back-to-back winter storms, right now, rolling through a huge swath of this country. the timing could not be worse for people trying to travel for the holidays, either get home or get somewhere else. abc's meteorologist ginger zee tracking the whole thing this morning. ginger, good morning. >> good morning, you guys. this new storm already dropped a half-foot of snow in mt. vernon, illinois. cincinnati, and jonesboro, getting a dusting. now, it moves to the northeast. it picks up intensity. it's going to drop nine inches in parts of southern new england. and we have winter storm warnings from ohio to massachusetts. it's an icy icing on the already frosted and dangerous roads. from southern illinois, where plows are working around the clock. to indianapolis, where the snow is making pre-new year's travel troubling.
, congressman chris van hollen, governor tim pawlenty, who is currently president and ceo of the financial services roundtable. moderating our discussion today is al hunt. we always love having al over here. he really put bloomberg on the map here in d.c. yesterday it was his birthday -- happy birthday, al. [applause] i'm going to turn things over to congressman tom davis -- this is a man who really needs no introduction here in washington but has been a great friend to bgov over the years. i would be remiss if i did not give his full official title -- he is the director of federal government affairs at deloitte. please join me in welcoming congressman tom davis. [applause] >> thank you. and most importantly, i left congress undefeated and unindicted. on behalf of deloitte, i want to thank our all-star panel. senator corker, governor pawlenty, congressman van hollen, senator warner, for participating. and of course our all-star moderator, al hunt, giving up his birthday to be here. we appreciate that. this is hopefully the first of many events that deloitte will be partnering with bloomber
for the final 48 hours of holiday shopping. so will it warm up before christmas? meteorologist tim williams tells us in his first warning weather forecast. >>> and: >>reporter: and to get into the holiday spirit, why not check out the train garden here at the weiss avenue volunteer fire department. it is the coolest train garden by far, and it is extremely detailed. we will give you details on it and you can see it close up. that is in just a few as eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday, i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s around the area. >> brrr. >> yeah. difference today than this time yesterday is the wind is gone. >> oh, good. >> that is nice. a lot more comfortable out there, not a wind chill, there's hardly any wind at all right now. taking a look at the purple palace, quiet right now. tailgaters will be heading down shortly. the nice thing about today is it will be under sunshine even though the game is not until 4:25, but at least the conditions are
with tim cook. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread? here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. >> hundreds of people who called 911 for a medical emergency are getting warning letters. personal information may have been stolen. more than 900 patients are taken to the hospital and may have had their personal information stolen. the company that handles the billing had a security breech. >> they had an employee who had fraudulently and illegally accessed patient information of customers that we had transfer here to berkeley. >> a spokesman said information may have been given to a crime ring known for filing stolen information. >> the u.s. supreme court did not indicate if they will hear california's prop 8 case. supporters of gay marriage are left waiting ag
public comment, tim colin and todd david. >>> good evening, commissioners. tim colin on behalf of the housing action coalition. and i should say that i believe the project sponsors came to us in july and presented a project. this is sort of one of the surprises. we don't normally get involved in projects like this. we generally have a threshold of 10 units or greater. but they asked to present to us and we agreed to review it. and on behalf of the members of the endorsement committee, they liked the project. they liked it an awful lot. felt that it's exactly what you heard, it's good urban infill. it's good use of scarce land in san francisco. and, in fact, felt that this is a good looking design. and putting this development at this location to our members was a higher use of the land than preserving a 1960s land use pattern that is not very intensive. it doesn't make much sense any more. it is not an architecturally distinguished area there. this is a far better design. so, what our members said was we would support this project and endorse it subject to two conditions. that
afternoon commissioners. tim colin on behalf of the housing association and i want to echo what was said and when citizens worked this long and it's a good thing to move forward. a lot of good people put a lot of people into this. with that being said we have some concerns and i expressed them to you before. one of the fundamental premises is the plan should do no harm and should be more expandively than we're used to hearing and one of the premises was to accommodate growth and we're not convinced this is the plan to make it happen. in particular we heard from members who are architects and says that the western soma has lots of rules written into it and particularly with yards and open space, roof tops that are more likely to impede growth or harm production of housing than we're used to seeing. the second thing is i don't know if you recall but a couple of weeks ago planning staff made a presentation and this will accommodate this -- that looks like a missed opportunity and finally sitting in the wings is the very strange and perhaps legally questionable community stabilization pl
leaked out the fact that mccobble had laughed at tim geithner when geithner presented him with this offer. we're seeing very tightly coordinated statements between the white house and the speaker's office in terms of the wording and timing of the statements whether they describe their negotiations is an indication that they're cooperating for now. what on and whether it will last is another question. gwen: this has been a lot of fun for us because there's no question that the democrats and republicans are playing a kind of game of high stakes fiscal chess or chicken. but within the republican party, recalibration is under way. listen to south carolina senator and tea party leader jim demint. >> one of the mistakes i think the republican party made the last two years is trying to make obama the issue without sharing with america bold reform ideas that get people inspired to get behind us. gwen: demints surprise solution? to get out of the senate and set up shop at the conservative heritage foundation. is this about just jim demint, or something larger, amy? >> we can probably see a little
a seat on the front row. mr. tim colin. and mr. jerry (inaudible). mr. allen, welcome. >> good afternoon commissioners, dick allen. lake merced, i am out there four or six times a week rowing in the morning. there are other issues at lake merced you may not be aware of. and today i will comment on them. first i would like to quote a statement from the january 2011 watershed report referring to the boat house. the downstairs no longer adequate for the space. and it's unanimous for the need of a new boat house to improve the quality of the lake. >> can we have the slides? >> no. 1, quickly you will see a crowded situation. that's a bay of a high school. that's the bay of the club i belong to. and under here is two bays with one gate. and underneath is two bays that face towards the lake. saturday there were almost 200 rowers pulling boats out. you have them from the front, and front and side. and you have the club with only one gate trying to swing those big 65-foot rowing shelves around. it's chaotic and dangerous. this is a completely inadequate storage facility. please show pictures of
's a holiday effort to help victims of superstorm sandy. i'm tim williams with more from towson coming up. >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. the mild air is going to continue, but so does the chance for some rain. we'll have your first warning forecast coming up when eyewitness news returns. >> complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. it's wjz, maryland's news station. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the -- ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride... ♪ get in the holiday spirit with dunkin's peppermint mocha new white chocolate, or gingerbread flavors today. america runs on dunkin'. have you started shopping? just waiting for inspiration to strike. and there it is! done. genius. give the gift of dunkin' coffee. get two pounds for $14.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. 74 . >>> looks like pea soup out there. foggy again. 50 degrees in central maryland. bernadette woods will have the complete forecast coming up. first why police try to control pro british loyalist
. (laughter) >> stephen: you also -- you're also well known as tim from the original "office." (cheers and applause) and dr. wattson from "sherlock." (cheers and applause) and now bilbo. isn't that a burden that you are playing these iconic characters? did you ever feel like any one of them was going to trap you? >> i think i thought that about tim for a while. definitely, yeah. because for a few years that followed -- i mean, the thing is -- late me state for the record i'm proud of "the office," i'm proud of that part, i love the show. but for a few years i was wishing people would stop shouting "tim" at me in the street. >> stephen: they're going to shout bilbo at you." >> yeah. >> stephen: what part is there -- they say i'm not an actor, i don't know anything about actors. but you're an actor. is there some part of bilbo that has to be true to you? like what is your bilbo? >> my bilbo is -- it's kind of -- it's all of us. what i imagine or hope all of us to be, which is basically a peace-loving person who doesn't want trouble in his life who is wrenched out of his situation on to a
-wage, low-skill states, that's bad for our state. >> eliot: tim, you were one of the leaders in the legislature. many of us looking at michigan and think is a state that voted for president obama. just re-elected debbie stabenow to the senate. you are as blue as a state can be. what explains this tension almost this schizophrenia where you have a state legislature that seems to be taking away one of the core principles, one of the core values in fairness and equity not in -- in negotiating power so that you can do what mark just said that is right for the economy and workers. >> great question, eliot. i think it really boils down to this. that the republicans have managed to gerrymander state legislative seats in both the state house and the state senate which has allowed them to win fairly consistently majorities in both the house and senate. despite the fact that the state as a whole is very blue and they have used that power to access. we're talking about a republican power structure and republican legislative
. >>> republicans make history with the addition of congressman tim scott to the senate. what it means for the gop. that coming up next. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. you're playing tomorrow. [ coughs ] ♪ you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. [ snores ] vicks nyquil. powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ [ sniffles, coughs ] excuse me. i need something for my cold symptoms. [ sniffles ] we've got dayquil for day and nyquil for night. [ thuds ] you didn't see that. [ male announcer ] right now at walgreens dayquil and nyquil are just $10.99 with card. >> it is with great pleasure that i am announcing -- that i'm appointing our next u.s. senator to be congressman tim scott. [ applause ] >> south carolina governor nikki haley making an appointment to replace jim demint. it makes congressman tim scott the first black senator from south dakota since the reconstruction.
continues. >> taking a live look outside. the wind and fog clear out. meteorologist tim williams tells us about the forecast. >> dance your way through history. i am sharon gibala last words is to celebrate holidays, they will be having a yuletide ball. coming up, we will tell about the special festivities focusing on the bicentennial year. that straight ahead. eyewitness news is seconds away. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. it is 8:01. >> i'm tim williams. it's a rainy start to the day, 50 degrees. but gasoline, some call. take a look out through the camera. it's not the prettiest of days. unfortunately, this is a day you are pretty much dealing with through all. it's not going to improve very much. we did squeak out a very nice day yesterday when the fog cleared. today not so much. what we have is the fog and a lot of cluster. the rain is movin
right so let's meet them. first of all the coaches of the san francisco giants. tim flan ree. >> ron roatus. >> the hitting instructor and royalty from cure sal. >> giants first base coach roberto kelly. >> the great pitching coach of the best pitching staff on the planet, dave righetti. >> and saibian likes to call him pitching coach number two, mark gardener. >> coach and the catching instructor bill hayes. >> and giants hitting instructor joe lefebvre. >> there are only 23 managers in the long history of major league baseball who have won at least two world series. he's the first national manager to win two just like that since the mid-70's. ladies and gentlemen, the manager of the world champion giants, bruce bochy. [cheers and applause] >> that's right. bruce! okay. now let's meet the players themselves. [cheers and applause] we need to give this guy a big round of applause. unfortunately he couldn't be here because of a family emergency but he had the winning run in game four. give it up for ryan theriot. he saved a perfect game with the greatest catch of the season and h
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